Make the connection work

Match a friend
and earn PLN 3,000 gross


As you probably know, getting new staff these days is quite a challenge. We are constantly looking for fresh, talented people in various disciplines of our company. This is how we can guarantee the continuity of Plukon. We all have a stake in that!

Therefore, we ask you this: will you help us find new colleagues? Perhaps you know someone in your network who would be a good fit for one of the selected vacancies. Referring a new colleague could earn you PLN 3,000 gross and the person you refer PLN 1,000 gross!

How does it work?

Do you know someone who would be suitable for one of the selected vacancies? For example, a friend, family member or acquaintance? Then click on the button below and fill in the details of yourself and the candidate. If your candidate is hired by Plukon and successfully completes the period specified in the terms and conditions, you will receive a total of PLN 3,000 gross, and the recommended person will receive PLN 1,000 gross!

Do you have any questions? Check the terms and conditions below or send an email to

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