Plukon publishes new CSR report

Plukon Food Group has published its latest CSR report ‘Driven by fresh thoughts’, outlining its progress towards sustainable food production in 2022. Despite facing challenges such as the outbreak of COVID-19, avian influenza and the war in Ukraine, Plukon made progress on all five pillars (healthy and responsibly produced products, food safety and transparency, animal health and welfare, circularity and climate, and people and society) of its sustainability policy.

During these eventful years (2019-2022), Plukon Food Group has expanded its reach by acquiring the Spanish company Grupo VMR, Fresh Care Convenience and a majority share in Optibrut, among others. These acquisitions will strengthen our position in poultry, meals and salads.

Sustainability is the foundation of Plukon Food Group’s business strategy, and the company is committed to doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner. To keep stakeholders informed and be transparent on its progress, Plukon wants to publish a yearly sustainability report and work towards complying with the new European Union legislation on non-financial reporting (CSRD). In 2022, a new materiality analysis was conducted to identify the key focus areas for sustainability, which will guide Plukon in terms of sustainability in the years ahead.

The relevance of creating positive impact in the short ánd longer term is only increasing. We collaborate with our retail partners and food service customers to provide millions of Europeans with fresh and healthy food that is affordable, accessible and easy to prepare. At the same time, we are committed to being an attractive employer and offer our people healthy and safe working conditions and the opportunities to grow in their job.

View the CSR report ’Driven by fresh thoughtshere